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3YE returns after 2 years of absence!

In a delightful turn of events, the girl group 3YE is making an unexpected comeback after a two-year hiatus!

groupe sud coréen 3YE

3YE, pronounced "Third Eye," is a group composed of three members: Yuji, Yurim, and Haeun under the GH Entertainment agency. Their most recent release dates back to April 2021 with a digital single titled "Stalker", which successfully captured the hearts of new fans. In 2022, 3YE embarked on a European tour, including a stop in Paris, stirring up excitement among their French fans. After two years of anticipation since their last release, they're back with their sixth digital release, a single titled "Loco", set to be available starting November 16.

The promotional campaign for this new single is in full swing. They've posted a video on their YouTube channel, showing a meeting where the members plan their return. Additionally, they've shared the usual concept photos that have become a tradition in K-pop teasers.

Fans eagerly await 3YE's comeback and are eager to discover what the group has in store with "Loco". It's clear that the group has been sorely missed, and their return is a moment of celebration for their devoted fan base.

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