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A 4th mini-album for WayV!

The 4th sub-unit of NCT announces its comeback after more than 18 months without realization!

WayV is the sub-unit of the NCT group bringing together all the artists of Chinese nationality. Composed of seven members, the formation made its debut in January 2019. Since then, it has produced no less than three mini-albums, two studio albums and two singles. All while taking part in NCT activities.

Its last release in full formation, "Kick Back" already dates back to March 10, 2021. Note also that the MV of the eponymous song today exceeds 31 million views on YouTube, justifying the popularity of the boysband. Also in 2021, two "sub-sub"-units were born: the duo formed by TEN and YANGYANG and that composed of KUN and XIAOJUN, for two additional singles.

2022 did not register, until now, any achievement for the formation. This will no longer be true from December 9, the release date of "Phantom", WayV's fourth mini-album. With the exception of the title of the opus and its release date, no information to share with you.

Note, however, the presence of only six of the seven members in the teaser photo. Following the scandal revealed this summer, LUCAS is currently on hiatus and will not participate in this comeback.


Source : Official Twitter

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