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A comeback for JEON SOMI after almost 2 years!

SOMI will be back with a first EP called “GAMEPLAN” which will be released digitally on August 7th.

In October 2021, two months after the release of her third single titled “DUMB DUMB”, SOMI released her first-ever album, “XOXO”, featuring eight songs including their hit singles, “BIRTHDAY”, “What You Waiting For” and “DUMB DUMB” dating from 2019 to 2021. To date, the MV of the title track “XOXO” has 105 million views on YouTube, making it the artist's third clip to exceed the 100 million mark.

It's almost two years after her last comeback that the soloist announces her return with a first EP called "GAMEPLAN". This opus will be released in digital form on August 7 at the same time as the MV of the main title “Flash Forward”.

GAMEPLAN” will also be released in physical form a week later, on August 14.

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