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A comeback with a summer atmosphere for NMIXX!

Only 3 months after its last comeback, NMIXX is back on the front of the stage!

This past March 20, the JYP Entertainment girlsband made its comeback with its very first EP: “expérgo” whose title track, “Love Me Like This”, allowed them to win their very first trophy for a music show since their debut. in February 2022.

It is thus, three months after this last comeback, that the group announced its return with a third single album named “A Midsummer NMIXX's Dream” which will contain 2 songs: a pre-release “Roller Coaster” completed by the title track, "Party O'Clock". You can already listen to “Roller Coaster” since its MV was revealed this July 3 on Youtube!

NMIXX will release its album and the music video for “Party O’Clock” on July 11.

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