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A few weeks after its single “ZERO”, Crossfaith announces a new album!

After six years of absence and a digital single two months ago, the group Crossfaith finally announces the release of a new album!

Groupe japonais Crossfaith

Having been active for almost 20 years, the electro metal group Crossfaith has enjoyed worldwide fame to this day! Despite a slump for a few years, punctuated by a change in line-up, the group returns more united than ever, ready to start from scratch to write a new chapter... As evidenced by its latest single, "ZERO", produced in last February!

A perfect introduction to the good surprises of early April, with not one, but two comebacks announced! Firstly, Crossfaith has just released a new single, “L.A.M.N”, in collaboration with singer Bobby Wolfgang, released on April 18. Secondly, the release of the album “AЯK” is announced for June 26.

With a poster displaying very graphic designs, it is possible to distinguish a boat surrounded by what looks like a constellation as well as several astronomical elements. Enough to allow fans to think about the theme of this next opus!

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