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A first European tour for B.I!

B.I will soon be performing his first solo European tour, passing through fourteen countries!

On February 18, B.I set the Mik Festival stage on fire by performing several titles including “BTBT”, “Cosmos” and “Got it like that”. A few months later, on June 1, he released a second full album entitled “To die for” containing no less than nine songs, five of which were in collaboration with artists such as Jessie and Big Naughty.

As a logical continuation after this successful passage and its various achievements, B.I has just announced its first solo European tour, “Love or Die”! It will cross Europe, thus performing in fourteen countries including Switzerland, Belgium and, of course, France.

This concert will be held on September 23, in the Parisian venue Le Bataclan. Information on ticket prices and categories has not yet been made public. However, a presale will be held on July 19 at 10 a.m. The general sale is announced for the next day, Thursday July 20 at the same time.

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