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A first expected comeback for n.SSign!

Highly anticipated after its successful debut, the young group, n.SSign, will make its first comeback on February 15!

Groupe sud coréen n.SSign

Highly anticipated last summer during its debut, made official with the release of its first mini-album, "BIRTH OF COSMO", the group n.SSign returns at the start of the year with a second opus!

This second mini-album, entitled "Happy &", will be officially released on February 15. It will contain no less than five tracks including the title track, “Funk Jam”. Different photo concepts have already been shared on social networks, sparking fans' enthusiasm for this return. It must be said that n.SSign got off to a flying start performing in Japanese stadiums a few weeks after the release of "BIRTH OF COSMO", following up with a single in Japanese released on November 29. There is no doubt that the boygroup is determined to conquer the international market!

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