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A first full album for Whee In!

A few weeks after Hwa Sa's comeback with "I Love My Body", it's Whee In's turn to announce a release!

chanteuse sud coréenne Whee In membre du groupe MAMAMOO

Balancing queens, the members of the MAMAMOO group juggle to perfection between their group activities, at RBW, and their respective solo activities! While Hwa Sa completed her integration into P Nation with the release of the single “I Love My Body”, it’s Whee In’s turn to return to the forefront as a solo artist!

The first member of the girl group left RBW, without compromising the quartet's activities, Whee In has been performing solo under the label THE L1VE since 2021. After the production of her second mini-album, "WHEE", at the start of the year 2022, particularly well received by the public since it allowed her to win an award, the singer announces the upcoming release of her first full album!

This opus, scheduled for October 12, is called “IN the mood”. The tracklist has already been shared: this album will include no less than eleven new tracks, including the title track as well as a featuring with Hwa Sa, "17". The various promotional images depict a multi-faceted album, Whee In appearing as a strong and fatal femme, as well as sporting futuristic or, on the contrary, pastel and romantic looks!

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