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A first live album for BRIDEAR!

Two months after the end of its European tour, BRIDEAR announces the upcoming release of its first live album!

Recorded during his performance at the Boston Music Room in London on September 10, this album benefits from the talents of Fredrik Nördstrom (Dream Evil, At the Gates, In Flames) of Studio Fredman (Sweden).

This new opus is also the first of the guitarist MOE with the group. The musician having joined the formation just before the start of the European tour, she did not participate in the development of the studio album "Aegis Of Athena".

Soberly titled "Aegis Of London... Live!", the album will be distributed from February 3 via the Setsuzoku Records platform. Note that pre-orders will be open from November 25th.

To wait, you can still find our BRIDEAR video interview, available in French and English:

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