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A first world tour for aespa!

The members of aespa will be able to meet "MY" from all over the world during an international tour.

After kicking off their first world tour “SYNK: Hyper Line” in February with concerts in Seoul and across Japan, on May 8, aespa released its third mini album, titled “MY WORLD”, with the title track “Spicy". During its comeback, the quartet has also climbed the steps of the Cannes Film Festival in France this May 24 as ambassadors of the Chopard brand.

It is therefore now that the group has finished promoting its latest comeback that new North American, South American and European stages have just been added to the tour.

Thus, aespa will perform at the Dôme de Paris for the very first time this September 30 during a final date for “SYNK: Hyper Line”. Tickets are now on sale since May 26 on many sites such as Ticketmaster!

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