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A mini-album for GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE!

A few days after the release of "Battle Of Tokyo Code of Jr EXILE", GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE announces a mini-album!

The various groups of the EXILE TRIBE collective are particularly active, even betting on collaborations between formations like the latest single from GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE, "Battle Of Tokyo Code of Jr EXILE" featuring THE RAMPAGE released on July 19 . Ten days later, the band is already planning a new opus!

It will be, this time, a mini-album. Its title is not yet known, however it will be distributed from November 21st. According to the official website of GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE, it should contain more than three songs including the titles "THE BEST" and "THE STORY". It will be available in several versions including two with a Blu-Ray or DVD which should include content from the band's anniversary tours. Indeed, the seven members celebrated their 10-year career two years ago and had organized two national tours.

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