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A new comeback for P1Harmony!

A few days before its Parisian concert, the group P1Harmony announces its comeback!


P1Harmony, or also P1H, was born in 2020 with the agency FNC Entertainment on October 28 with the release of its first EP, "Disharmony: Stand out". After three successful first years of career, the group has just started its first world tour, with a Parisian visit scheduled for November 12, at the Zénith in Paris.

For those who are lucky enough to attend this concert, there could be a big surprise during the evening! Indeed, P1Harmony has just made its new comeback, this Thursday, November 9! This new opus, entitled "Fall in Love Again", is a digital single produced by C. Tricky Stewart, a composer who has won several Grammy Awards and who worked on Justin Bieber's famous "Baby". Enough to allow P1Harmony to reveal itself on an international stage!

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