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A new comeback for XODIAC!

XODIAC returns after three months of absence with a second single album entitled “XOUL DAY”!

groupe sud coréen XODIAC

On the eve of its first anniversary, the ONE COOL JACSO ENTERTAINMENT group, made up of nine members named Lex, Hyun Sik, Zayyan, Beom Soo, Wain, Gyu Min, Sing, Davin and Leo, to date counts no less than seven singles, a mini-album and two single albums including the next opus.

Indeed, on February 21, XODIAC announced the release of its second single album with an image illustrating the pre-release schedule. Moving from the tracklist to video teasers, the group offers its fans a fairly busy waiting schedule before the official release of the single album on March 14.

Quite young in the music industry, XODIAC still managed to accumulate 480 thousand views on his latest single “FIRST SNOW” and has around 485 followers on YouTube. An encouraging first year of activity for the group which gives hope for an even brighter future and why not, allowing a world tour!

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