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A new opus announced for SEVENTEEN!

After the success of the single “Super”, released last spring, SEVENTEEN announces a comeback!

groupe masculin sud coréen SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN is no longer a group to present after already eight years of career. Known for its catchy music but also for its number of members... Counting thirteen members! For the short history part, the name "SEVENTEEN" does not correspond to the number of singers but rather to a particular calculation:

13 members + 3 units + 1 team = SEVENTEEN.

Very involved in the creative process, whether choreography or songwriting, the group has a string of successful releases, the latest of which is the single "Super" released last April. Since then, JUN has won over fans with his single “PSYCHO”, released in July. A few months later, SEVENTEEN, in its entirety, returns with the announcement of an eleventh mini-album.

On October 23, “SEVENTEEN HEAVEN” will be released. This opus will contain eight tracks, including the title track, "음악의 신", and its instrumental version. The first concept photos have been published, and a refreshing and joyful atmosphere emerges from the main track! The other pieces, for their part, each have their own identity, rock, pop, electro, moving ballad... SEVENTEEN thus demonstrates its multiple qualities and establishes its international notoriety!

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