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A new single for HAZUKI!

HAZUKI announces the release of a third single scheduled for the beginning of the year!

The lead singer of lynch. officially launched his solo career on March 26 with the first single "XANADU / HEROIN(E)". Since then, he has been chaining announcements and achievements. Thus a second single, "+ ULTRA / AM I A LOSER", was released in April followed by a first full album, "EGOIST", produced internationally by JPU Records, last August.

Building on its success, HAZUKI has just announced a new opus! Entitled "蓮華鏡" (Renge Kyo), it will be officially released on January 25, and will consist of three new tracks: "睡蓮", "CRYSTALIZE", and "ALLIVE". Two versions are available: a normal edition containing only the three-track CD, and a limited version which will be accompanied by a photobook and the Live DVD of the concert given at NAKANO SUNPLAZA HALL in Tokyo on December 21, 2021.

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