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A seventh single for SECRET NUMBER!

After a teaser at the beginning of the week, SECRET NUMBER confirms its comeback for next week!

groupe féminin sud coréen secret number

Less than three months after the release of "DOXA", its sixth single, SECRET NUMBER continues its momentum and announces the imminent production of a seventh opus! While the previous title has already exceeded 5.6 million views with its melody mixing pop and hip-hop, the new one will be officially released on August 24th!

Entitled "STARLIGHT", this single will contain two titles: the title track as well as the song, "Crazy Love". "DOXA" having a darker universe, it is very likely that "STARLIGHT" is a sunnier title. As evidenced by the image used to announce the release: that of a motorhome in the middle of the forest, giving off an atmosphere of wild camping with friends.

In any case, it is to be hoped that this new title receives the support of the public. Indeed, while SECRET NUMBER's first single, "Who Dis?", rose to number 123 on the Korean charts, "DOXA" reached number 45... A good omen for "STARLIGHT"!

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