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A six-man comeback for INFINITE after five years of absence!

After five years of waiting, the six members of INFINITE announce their comeback for July 31 and will return to the front of the stage!

In 2019, INFINITE, a second generation group, released a brand new title called "Clock". However, KIM SUNG KYU, leader of the formation, then in military service, could not participate in this comeback.

It was therefore on May 8, on the occasion of their 13th anniversary, that the six members of INFINITE mentioned the fact of wanting to promote under their new agency: INFINITE Company.

Four years after the release of their last title, the group has just announced their return through a teaser logo with the phrase "TIME TO INFINITE".

According to the image, it seems that the comeback will take place on July 31! In addition, INFINITE has also just announced five concert dates across Asia for the months of August and September, thus making this series of concerts their very first after seven years!

The schedule for the comeback of their 7th mini album “Begin” has just been revealed!

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