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ADOY is going to meet its European public!

The indie quartet, ADOY, will fly to Europe in September for two concerts!

Photo du groupe sud coréen ADOY
(c) Onion Production - ADOY

With its delicate and refreshing sounds, the passage of ADOY in September is an appointment not to be missed! For the first time, the quartet, which won the Jury Prize at the 2019 Seoul Awards, will perform in Europe for two concerts. The first will take place in Paris, at La Bellevilloise, on September 24th. The second meeting is in London, the next day, at the O2 Islington Academy.

Tickets are already on sale on the organizer's website: HERE. Count €125.90 for a VIP seat with Meet&Greet and priority entry, €65.90 for a ticket with priority entry, and €45.90 for a standard seat. Add a few extra euros for London tickets.

ADOY has been evolving on the K-Indie music scene since 2017, forging a solid reputation over the years thanks to titles with refreshing melodies. On a pop rock sound, reminiscent of those of the 80s, ADOY focuses on the simple moments of life and yet so important. It's hard not to imagine walking in a park with these melodies in your ears, enjoying the moment. The quartet already has a full album, "Vivid", released in 2017, as well as four EPs, the most recent of which, "us", was released on June 14. Note that a new single, "Model", will be released on August 9th and may appear on the setlists of European dates. Proof that the formula, simple and effective, works: the vast majority of his MVs approach one million streaming on YouTube!

After conquering its South Korean, Asian and North American audience, ADOY is determined to transmit its positive vibes to Europe! The group will conclude their world tour with performances in Australia.

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