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aespa will perform its new single during its world-tour!

While its latest MV, "SPICY", has just passed the symbolic milestone of 100 million views on YouTube, the female quartet, aespa, announces the upcoming release of a new opus!

Photo groupe aespa
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It took less than three months for the MV of "SPICY" to cross the symbolic bar of 100 million views, following in the footsteps of its predecessors with more than 200 million views, which are "Next Level" or "Savage", to name a few. than them. A performance that supports the place occupied by aespa in the music market!

Currently on an Asian tour, the group has just announced the forthcoming release of a new opus, entirely in English, "Better Things". The latter should be released on August 18. We don't yet know how many tracks are included in this release. However, due to the promotional schedule, the first teaser photos should see the light of day on August 14. Moreover, we must expect a sunny title, with lively rhythms reminiscent of summer, all while conveying a positive message.

The release date of "Better Things" is not trivial since it is placed in the heart of the American tour of aespa. Indeed, we announced at the beginning of June the first world tour of the formation! This world-tour will begin in Los Angeles on August 13, a few days before the release of "Better Things"... And according to the Naver website, these first North American concerts will be an opportunity for aespa to present preview this new song!

As a reminder, aespa will perform through the USA until September 5 before going down to South America until September 14, then flying to Europe where the group will hold three concerts: Berlin, London and Paris on the final date. , September 30. Let's hope that the reception of "Better Things" is up to par and that the track appears on the European setlists!

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