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After seven years, SISTAR19 announces its return!

After the separation of the SISTAR group in May 2017, the subunit SISTAR19 announces its big comeback.

duo sud coréen SISTAR19

The group SISTAR made its debut in the 2010s composed of four members, and which achieved dazzling success thanks, in particular, to the qualities of the members and the voice of Hyolyn. In 2017, when the contract between the group and its label expired, SISTAR decided not to renew it, which led to its separation, effective May 23, 2017.

It was after more than six years of absence, last December, that the news arrived! SISTAR19 announces its comeback! It is the members Hyolyn and Bora who return to the forefront with a digital single. This new opus is entitled “NO MORE (MA BOY)” and will be released on January 16.

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