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After the success of its world tour, ONEUS announces its comeback!

After the success of its world tour and its visit to Paris last November, ONEUS announces the release of a new opus!

Groupe sud coréen ONEUS

It was last November that ONEUS performed for the first time on a Parisian stage during its second World Tour "La DoLce Vita". The latter is not yet finished since the quintet continues to perform on Asian stages. Despite this busy schedule, ONEUS takes the opportunity to announce a new release, scheduled for the end of this month.

Indeed, entitled “NOW”, this next release will be in the form of a digital single. It will be available on all streaming platforms from May 22. For a few days now, you can already find the different photo concepts. A teaser will be shared on May 19. This release comes ten months after the production of “La DoLce Vita” last September, and foreshadows the return of ONEUS in this new year!

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