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An eighth mini-album announced for The KingDom!

After already three years of career, the group The KingDom announces the release of its eighth mini-album.

Groupe sud coréen The KingDom

It was in 2021 that The KingDom was born with the label GF Entertainment under the name KINGDOM. The group is then made up of seven members and releases its first mini-album, “History of Kingdom: Part I. Arthur” on February 18, 2021. The artistic direction of the group is then revealed: the albums and precisely each title song will be a reference to the story of a king, an emperor or a tsar and his kingdom. Each king referring to a member.

Seven members, seven historical figures and it was on October 18 that the group's seventh mini-album entitled "History Of Kingdom: PartVII. Jahan" was released. Having concluded its first part of its career, the group then returned, six months later, under a new name, The KingDom, as well as the announcement of its next comeback.

This eighth mini-album will be released on April 30, which will be titled “REALIZE”. This new opus will contain six titles including “Flip That Coin” which will be the title song. Please note that a medley is available on the group's networks as well as the teaser released on April 23.

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