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An European tour for cotoba!

The rock group cotoba announces concerts across Europe!

cotoba is an independent mixed rock band that debuted on August 29, 2019 with an EP titled "Form of Tongue" consisting of four tracks. Subsequently, over the years, the group released many mini-albums experimenting with new sounds while keeping its style. Then, in 2022, the quartet finally unveiled their very first album called "4pricot" which allowed them to win many fans in Europe.

It is therefore in the wake of events that cotoba has just announced a European tour which will begin on August 26th with a concert in Tours! The group will then move to Paris and then perform in Belgium and the United Kingdom before ending the tour with dates in Germany.

The concert in Tours will be free and open access while the one in Paris will be by reservation. You can already book your tickets for the concert on the DICE website!

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