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As expected, MIYAVI is preparing a new album!

Forty-eight hours after the release of “Broken Fantasy”, his latest digital single, the production of a studio album in the coming weeks is confirmed for MIYAVI!

guitariste et chanteur japonais MIYAVI

We told you about it less than a month ago: guitarist and singer MIYAVI plans to release no less than three opuses in 2024! The first, "Broken Fantasy", was released a few days ago and has already been performed live on stage at the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles.

The second will be a first full album... According to the information available, a second would also be planned later in the year... In any case, this first physical release in many months will see the light of day Next April 3. Entitled "Lost in Love", it should contain only unreleased songs from MIYAVI and in particular "Broken Fantasy" or "Running in My Head", opening of the new season of the anime Code Gueass.

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