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ATEEZ confirms its comeback!

Two months after its double concert at the AccorHotel Arena, ATEEZ confirms its comeback for the month of June!

Despite a very busy schedule, multiplying concerts and performances in festivals, the group ATEEZ confirms its comeback for the month of June.

"THE WORLD EP.2: OUTLAW" will be released on Friday, June 16, which is the second installment in the "THE WORLD" series, which began with "THE WORLD EP.1: MOVEMENT" on June 30. November 2022 and carried by the title "Guerrilla". For the moment, there is no more information on this comeback. A very mysterious promotional schedule has been published on the networks with key dates on May 18 and 26 as well as June 12, 15 and 16.

Also note that ATEEZ has not yet finished invading the international stages! After performing at KCON 2023 JAPAN which was held from May 12 to 14 at Makuhari Messe (Chiba), the band will perform in Asia through five concerts spread between July and September. ATEEZ will also make a detour to Spain for the KPOPLUX to be held in Madrid on July 22nd.

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