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ATEEZ highlights the worlds of its members with four new clips!

At the dawn of its next world tour, ATEEZ highlights the worlds of its members with the announcement of the upcoming release of four new clips!

ATEEZ groupe sud coréen

On December 1st, ATEEZ released its second full album, "THE WORLD EP. FIN: WILL", containing no less than twelve tracks and carried by the song "Crazy Form", which today has more than 15 million streams on Spotify and over 48 million views on YouTube. A global success for the KQ Entertainment group which has multiplied its international performances in 2023 and which seems to be taking the same path in 2024!

Building on these successes, ATEEZ will start the new year by producing four new videos. The latter will highlight four pieces from his latest opus. Namely: “MATZ”, “IT’s you”, “Youth” and finally “Everything”.

The choice of the selected pieces was not made at random since these are the titles which highlight the personal universes of the members. Thus "MATZ" is a collaboration between HONGJOONG and SEONGHWA with a hip-hop rhythm, "IT's you" highlights YEOSANG, SAN and WOOYOUNG in a more R'n'B style, "Youth" honors the duo formed by YUNHO and MINGI in a calmer setting and finally, JONGHO concludes with “Everything”, a love song. A wide range that reflects all the qualities of ATEEZ. The story does not say in what order the videos will be published, only the dates have been announced: January 3, 10, 17 and 24.

A special appetizer for fans who are waiting for the dates of the next ATEEZ world tour. The double concert in Seoul, scheduled for January 27 and 28, is already sold out, and only the Japanese dates, February 3 and 4 at the Saitama Super Arena, have been revealed.

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