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ATEEZ ignites the AccorHotels Arena !

Initially planned at the beginning of the year, it was finally on May 4 that ATEEZ performed on the stage of the AccorHotels Arena. Band and fans have been patient until this long-awaited date! Back to a show where the Atinys were able to prove, once again, all their support for the octet.

It was just 6 pm when the doors opened, leaving eager fans to join the pits and bleachers for a sold-out concert. The staff of the arena, which has already hosted the greatest international artists, is well established and the entrance is smooth. Inside, an exceptional atmosphere! On the three screens overlooking the stage, the group's most famous MVs accentuate the excitement of the fans. They take up all the songs in chorus, warming up their voices for the performance to come.

8 pm! The room plunges into darkness and as the intro begins, cries of joy are heard! When the curtain falls, the Atinys make the boards of the AccorHotels Arena tremble for the first time. “WONDERLAND (Symphony No.9)” opens the festivities. The public is at the rendezvous and vibrates during the long-awaited high-note of Jong-ho. The moment is religious and each fan then holds their breath in front of the performance. The tone is set! ATEEZ is determined to return Paris! Back in the past with “Pirate King”, the group's first track released in 2018. A moment of nostalgia that doesn't disturb fans, great connoisseurs of past and present discography. The first two songs have just passed and the first exchange between the young men and the fans can finally take place. The Atinys make themselves heard whether by voice or the tremors in the stands. The exchange lasts a few minutes and confirms that Paris is determined to mark the spirits of Koreans.

Then, the first notes of “Say My Name” ring out as the iconic “ATEEZ PRÉSENT” sounds like a hammer blow. The well-known refrain is taken up in chorus while the pit takes over the choreography. What an atmosphere! The concert follows its course without the fervor diminishing, quite the contrary. The more time passes, the more the room becomes boiling. ATEEZ soaks up the French atmosphere during a new exchange and has won the hearts of fans by playing with them through a few magical moments where HongJong and Yun-Ho multiply sentences in French.

We are now halfway through the concert. The group exchanges once again with the room and reveals a surprise to us. Maddox arrives on stage, alone. Time to chat a little, the singer does us the honor of cover “Easy on Me” by Adèle. His voice rises and captivates the thousands of people present. The emotion is so strong that only silence echoes it before shouts and applause close the track. Alone in front of a packed venue, the singer was able to conquer Paris. After a few words to the public, Maddox begins “Lamp”. A new proof of his talent!

The soloist leaves with stars in his eyes, leaving room for the rest of the show. ATEEZ is back on a roll with “Answer”, surely one of the most famous tracks in its discography.

Then without respite, the groupe continues with a medley of “Good little Boy”, “The Leaders” and “TO THE BEAT”. The atmosphere that had softened starts again, the fans giving voice while jumping and dancing. The temperature continues to rise in the face of the Atinys craze which increases once again as “THANXX” and “The Real” follow one another. YunHo also takes the opportunity to offer an incredible "Ici c'est Paris" worthy of the best Parisian football's supporters! It's now 10:40 pm, the presumed end time of the concert. ATEEZ ends its show almost forty minutes late or rather happy for a crowd that wants more. The name of the band is chanted in the venue for nearly five minutes before its reappears on stage.

Do you like emotional lifts? Because that's how ATEEZ decided to end this exceptional evening! The first notes of “Eternal Sunshine” resonate. The crowd immediately goes to the refreshing notes. We stay in the same tones with “Dancing like a Butterfly Wings”. We slow down again with “Star 117” for a smooth end of the concert. The climax of this moment comes with “Turbulence” which concludes this evening with a vocal demonstration proving that ATEEZ aren't just performers!

The time of tears, hugs and especially the time of goodbye the band arrives. All we have to do is go home, head and heart filled with all the emotions experienced during nearly three hours of show.

Our team wanted to thank ATEEZ, MyMusicTaste, the AccorHotels Arena and the Atinys for this evening!


Redaction : Gaëlle Pons

(c) Pictures : ATEEZ, KQ Entertainment & l'AccorHotelsArena

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