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BABYMETAL back in France at the end of the year!

A few days before its performance as the first part of Sabaton, BABYMETAL created a surprise by announcing its next Europe-tour!

It is this Wednesday April 19 that we learn that BABYMETAL will be back in Europe at the end of 2023! Nearly four years after their last Parisian solo concert, the band that needs no introduction is announced for November 25 at La Laiterie in Strasbourg, and December 6 at the Olympia in Paris. It would seem that the tickets will be on sale from this Friday, April 21. Pricing has not yet been made public, but VIP packs are announced.

April 21 is also the date on which BABYMETAL will perform as the opening act for the group Sabaton. A development of the European public while the group multiplied the first parts abandoning its own shows for some time. It must be said that BABYMETAL knew how to arouse the impatience of its fans. After a hiatus that surprised many, the band returned in 2022 with the announcement of their fourth album, "THE OTHER ONE", released on March 24, the tracks of which were unveiled one by one. "Mirror Mirror", shared less than a fortnight ago, formalizes the arrival of Momoko Okazaki as the third singer. Sumetal and Moametal had indeed become a duo in 2018 with the departure of Yuimetal.

It goes without saying that after this Friday's appetizer, European BABYMETAL fans will have to be more patient before they can go back to applaud it this fall!

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