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BABYMONSTER's first mini-album!

Just three months after its debut, BABYMONSTER announces the release of its first mini-album, scheduled for April 1st!

Groupe sud coréen BABYMONSTER

On November 27, 2023, YG ENTERTAINMENT announced the debut of a new girl group named BABYMONSTER (also known as Baemon).

Made up of seven members named RUKA, PHARITA, ASA, AHYEON, RAMI, RORA and CHIQUITA, the group begins its path in music with the single “BATTER UP” which has to date more than two hundred million views on YouTube.

Just three months after its debut, the band offers its fans its first mini-album! Indeed, BABYMONSTER announced on its social networks a few days ago that it was releasing a mini-album accompanied by an MV, which will be released at the same time, on April 1st at midnight Korean time (4 p.m. French time). Note the great return of AHYEON who was unable to participate in the group's debut due to health problems.

Although quite young in the industry, BABYMONSTER quickly managed to seduce its fans with its first single, combining stage performances and collaborations with major brands. The group seems to have a promising future which could perhaps allow a world tour for its fans in the future.

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