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BABYMONSTER should make its first comeback soon!

Less than two months after its debut, the group BABYMONSTER is preparing to make its first comeback!

groupe sud coréen BABYMONSTER

After months of waiting, on November 27, BABYMONSTER released its first official song: “BATTER UP”. A catchy track, mixing hip-hop rhythms with punchy rap lines. The success is immediate, and the new protégés of YG Entertainment are noticed. So much so that the MV already has more than 172 million views, or more than 4 million views per day!

Building on this success, YG Entertainment took the opportunity of the end-of-year celebrations to post a video announcing BABYMONSTER's next plans! A first comeback should take place on February 1.

This new song will be called "Stuck in the Middle", and will be the opposite of "BATTER UP" since it will not be a hip-hop track but rather a calm and deep piece highlighting the vocal qualities of members. Furthermore, YG Enterainment is moving forward by confirming the production of BABYMONSTER's first mini-album for April 1.

Finally, to the question “Will Ahyeon return?”, no answer was provided. Remember that due to health problems, the singer did not debut when "BATTER UP" was released, reducing BABYMONSTER to six members for its debut. It is therefore difficult to predict whether Aheyon will be present for the release of "Stuck in the Middle", or not.

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