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BamBam, member of GOT7, has, in turn, come to ignite French soil!

While the majority of the members of the GOT7 group came to perform on our French soil, BamBam, in turn, came to ignite the Salle Pleyel.

BAMBAM concert Paris 22 mars 2024

It was this March 22 around 7 p.m. that the show began. After hours of waiting for fans, it's now THE time to welcome BamBam, member of GOT7, accompanied by his ten back dancers to the energetic notes of "Satellites". The atmosphere is already very warm when the title “Wheels Up” follows, sung heartily by all those present this evening. It's after five songs that BamBam speaks, for the first time, to ask if everyone is okay. He takes the opportunity to start a draw: the winner will have the privilege of greeting the singer backstage after the show. The enthusiasm of the fans is felt, everyone dreaming of being able to exchange a few words with the artist. Initially, ten people were to be drawn to participate in this exclusive moment... but we all know that... Nothing goes as planned! After drawing the first lucky winners, BamBam decides to make a chifoumi... The prize? Five new people chosen to attend this meeting. After this interlude of a few minutes, it is then time to resume the concert with the title "Let's Dance". It's then an exclusive performance with one of her dancers on "Who Are You", for a moment that floods the room with sweetness. A suspended moment which arouses strong admiration from the audience.

BAMBAM concert Paris 22 mars 2024

The evening continues in full swing and it's the turn of the song "ANGEL" to delight fans of the artist and GOT7. Optimizing his presence on stage, and as a perfect showman, BamBam changes in front of his audience, blowing off the jacket to the delight of the front rows. Then the artist launches into the performance of “Thank You, Come Again”, a title present on his future album. Drawing on American rap sounds, the song mixes bass with the twerking of the dancers for a few more intoxicating minutes. It's then on to the whole piece "riBBon" which concludes the main part of BamBam's performance at the Salle Pleyel.

It is high time to make yourself heard, and as loudly as possible! The efforts pay off since it is only a few minutes later that BamBam returns to the stage. The recall can now begin!

And it is with the title "Look So Fine", very catchy, that he begins and then performs three titles from the GOT7 discography: "NANANA", "Hard Carry" which highlights beautiful raplines accompanied by 'beautiful dance performance, and finally "Lullaby" which will then ring the end of this evening.

BAMBAM concert Paris 22 mars 2024

For this first European tour, and French date, BamBam was able to highlight his talents as a singer and dancer, while rewarding his fans for their expectations. There were not many who came, the Salle Pleyel was not complete, but that did not prevent the artist from giving his best. And that’s without even forgetting GOT7! Despite his young discography, BamBam has chosen to bring together under the group's banner, not forgetting to tease his next solo album... Hoping that he will come and present it live!

BAMBAM concert Paris 22 mars 2024

The entire KARAOME team would like to thank BamBam, his management and Onion Productions.

(c) Photo credits: Gaëlle PONS and BamBam

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