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BB Girls - "One More Time"

A week after the (re)debut of BB Girls, formerly Brave Girls, KARAOME is looking into this new opus!

It was just a goodbye...

Risky bet for BB Girls, which is reborn from its ashes with this first single under the aegis of Warner Music Korea. Far from the high school universe of the emblematic title of Britney Spears - Google referencing will be complicated -, BB Girls emancipates and detaches itself from the mask of the Brave Girls, both visually and musically!

The two titles of this single complement each other revealing a double personality, proof of artistic variety. Symbol of emancipation, “One More Time” is both a call to the public, that of following the band in this second life, but also an affirmation, that of an evolution. Far from the sensuality of the famous “Rollin”, this piece reveals strong, independent and accomplished women! BB Girls assumes its age gap with the groups currently on the front of the stage and makes it its strength! That of experience and maturity. Conversely, “Lemonade” is a refreshing break, essential to persevere in this marathon that is life. The jazzy notes and the summer atmosphere make it a perfect summer song, subtly dressed up with more suggestive lyrics.

With this single, BB Girls marks a desire to break away from its old image, asserting itself on a young and dynamic music scene with more subdued sounds. Even if the first feedback seems positive, it will still take a lot of courage for BB Girls to secure their place in the music industry.

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