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Billlie is making its comeback in October !

In an exciting announcement, Billlie has unveiled its much-anticipated comeback scheduled for October, marking its return after seven months!

groupe sud coréen Billlie

Billlie's previous release, the fourth mini-album, titled "The Billage of Perception chapter three" , graced our ears about seven months ago. This album enjoyed remarkable success, with the title track, "EUNOIA", even securing its very first award.

However, this year hasn't been without its challenges for the girl group. After Suhyeon's temporary departure, it's now Moon Sua had to step back from her professional activities due to the loss of several close ones. Unfortunately, this situation has led to a pause in the promotion of Billlie's latest album.

After seven months, their agency has confirmed a new comeback for October. This time, it will feature only Siyoon, Sheon, Tsuji, Haram, and Haruna. Despite the challenges the group has faced, Billlie perseveres and moves forward with this new comeback.

Fans eagerly await this return in October, as well as the group's upcoming performances and activities.

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