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BOYNEXTDOOR is preparing its next comeback before celebrating its first anniversary!

In order to crown a successful first year of career, the BOYNEXTDOOR group will make a new comeback in a few days!

South Korean group BOYNEXTDOOR

BOYNEXTDOOR is actively preparing its second comeback as its first anniversary is fast approaching! In fact, the band announced some time ago that they would be returning on April 15 with a second EP. After starting with the single " WHO! ", followed by a first EP, " WHY ", it's the turn of the question " HOW? " to come into play.

In less than a year, BOYNEXTDOOR has captured the hearts of fans, winning, along with the groups xikers and ZEROBASEONE , the K Global Super Rockie Award during the K Global Heart Dream ceremony held on August 10. Second sign of its success, BOYNEXTDOOR has doubled its number of views on YouTube! While his first MV, “ But I Like You ”, today has almost 14 million views, that of “ One and Only ”, released three days later, is approaching 28 million views. A performance worth highlighting which earned him the support of the fans!

It is therefore with complete confidence that BOYNEXTDOOR returns at the start of spring with this new opus which is available in several editions and versions. Latest proof of fans' impatience: the teaser published on March 22 exceeds one million views!

Note that " HOW? " is available for pre-order from AsianSoundConcept, just like the BOYNEXTDOOR lightstick!

BOYNEXTDOOR comeback cover

BOYNEXTDOOR comeback cover

BOYNEXTDOOR Official Lightstick

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