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BRIDEAR at the Boule Noire!

We're Sunday, October 3, 2021 at the Boule Noire, in the heart of the French capital. It has been more than a year and a half since there have been any Japanese concerts in France! Tonight, it's finally THE recovery and it's the girls of BRIDEAR who open the ball! The meeting is scheduled for 8:30 pm and the fans are present! Some brought goodies bearing the image of the band, as well as a French flag with BRIDEAR's logo inscribed on it.

It's at 8:30 pm precisely that the quintet enters the stage, greeting the assembly before making their cry of encouragement with the help of a motivated "Itadakimasu". So begins the concert! The first notes of "Ghoul" resonate in the room dimmed with purple light. An engaging song! And while the voice of the singer, KIMI, pierces the soul of the audience, powerful guitar riffs arise from the two guitarists, MISAKI and AYUMI. The audience follows the movements of the singer raising their hands and going wild.

IGNITE” kicks off by making fans raise their fists. Much more intense than the first song, we discover the powerful drum sounds of NATSUMI, which resonate in the venue. MISAKI continues with a guitar solo, enough to drive her audience crazy, accompanied by the choirs of bassist, HARU. BRIDEAR continues with "Mirror", punctuated by the game of the two guitarists, on blue and red lights, perfectly matching HARU's bass. Something to intoxicate the audience! Added to this is the powerful voice of KIMI. AYUMI's turn to shine on stage with her guitar solo, in line with the singer and the bassist. The song ends, and the band takes the opportunity to thank the public for coming.

Then, the first notes of "The Moment" are heard. Much more powerful than the first three songs, it creates euphoria among the band members, taking their audience with them. They then continue with "Pray", plunging us into a galaxy of green stars with backgrounds of lights of the same tone. KIMI surrounds the sage, while the powerful riffs of guitars, bass and the sharpness of the drum sounds fill everyone's ears. The headbang is in order!

KESHIN” then takes place, letting the sweet voice of KIMI mix with the growls of her bass player, HARU, in the midst of intoxicating melodies and a combative atmosphere. The last notes fly away, and BRIDEAR takes the opportunity to say a few words. KIMI thanks the fans once again, followed by HARU who does the same in French. The singer start to present her band: NATSUMI on drums, HARU on bass, AYUMI and MISAKI on guitars. She finished this tour by herself. Then, she announced the seventh song, "BRAVE NEW WORLD REVISITED", resounding with applause and cries from the audience. The track plunges us into a darker universe, filtered with blue light, starting on slower melodies making its audience feverish. But that's without counting on the metallic sonic assaults and the technical prowess of which the band gives us a perfect demonstration. This is also the big challenge for BRIDEAR, because this song lasts eight minutes and is the most difficult to perform.

The girls continue this time with a ballad, "Starlight", slower and softer, leaving a melancholic feeling to settle. KIMI's voice softens as the musicians strike up a deeper melody. A final synth note gives way to "Day Break"! It starts with a more magical melody while progressing on a faster rhythm thanks to the powerful sounds of NATSUMI on drums and the two guitarists who form a stunning tandem. They unleash their audience by dragging them with them into a metalcore universe.

Then comes "Dimensions"! Electrifying music by HARU's bass, playing against a backdrop of a purple and green light, unleashes a crowd that throws its arms in the air while bobbing heads to the frantic rhythm of the guitar duo. "Sick", much more chaotic, mixes the growl of HARU with the voice of KIMI, causing a dark and very dynamic atmosphere. Then comes the twelfth song, "Bloody Bride"! The hauntingly somber-paced song transitions into a progressive bridge where the bride-to-be mocks us. She seems to echo the audience, who go wild while headbanging.

Finally the last song, "Light In The Dark" makes its entrance. Very interesting piece, thanks to the guitars of MISAKI and AYUMI who are acclaimed by their audience. Followed by powerful drum hits from NATSUMI. KIMI's voice is powerful, charged with emotions, closely accompanied by HARU's growls. The two guitarists follow their solo followed by the drums, unleashing the audience.

BRIDEAR leaves the stage before beeing cheered by its fans. They go back a few moments later to perform an encore song! But first, KIMI asks fans to teach them a few words in French. The opportunity to learn "Bon Appétit", the French equivalent of the band's rallying cry, "Itadakimasu". War cry that they very quickly replace, motivating themselves with a thunderous "Bon Appétit".

Finally, BRIDEAR begins the performance of "Again". The very last song of this live that echoes everyone's feelings. "Again" is a very explicit message! Indeed, the quintet is the first Japanese band to give a concert in France following the coronavirus. Message that is felt in the musical performance of the guitarists, the bass player, the drummer as well as in the powerful voice of the singer which is superimposed. Until the last melody, BRIDEAR knew how to keep its audience motivated, implicitly promising it to come back... Again!

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