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Cherry Bullet is preparing its comeback!

One year after its last opus, the group Cherry Bullet announces its comeback!

They occupied the stage of the AccorHotel Arena two days ago on the occasion of the French edition of the MIK Festival, the seven members of Cherry Bullet are actively preparing their next comeback.

Announced for next March 07, the group will release its third mini-album. Entitled "Cherry Dash", it should contain five songs if we refer to the last two opuses. According to the poster posted on social networks, the title song would be "Play On the World".

As a reminder, the last comeback of the formation dates back to March 02, 2022 with "Cherry Wish". It is the best-selling album since the debut of Cherry Bullet, exceeding 24,000 copies according to the Gaon Chart. Let's hope "Cherry Dash" allows the group to do even better!

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