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CHIYU (ex-SuG) celebrates his fifth solo anniversary!

CHIYU announces the release of a new solo album, two years after the release of “SCREAM on the WALL”!

For five years, the former bass player of the visual-kei group, SuG, has been working hard to continue to exist on the Japanese music scene. CHIYU, who kept his old stage name, already has two singles, two mini-albums and a full album, "SCREAM on the WALL", released in November 2021. Almost two years ago ! At the same time, the musician made his acting debut by starring in the drama "Ochanomizu Rock".

Today, shared between all the projects, CHIYU announces the release of a new album! This new opus will bear the name "OUTBURST" and will close the CHIYU era! Indeed, from next September, the bassist will perform under the name of SLAPSLY's CHIYU, or SLAPSLY for short! "OUTBURST" will contain no less than fourteen tracks, five of which are unreleased, opening the voice to the writing of a new chapter for the musician.

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