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Choi Yena returns with her third mini-album!

Seven months after his last release, Choi Yena returns at the start of the year with his third mini-album, with positive and hopeful messages!

Chanteuse sud coréen Choi Yena

Former member of the group Iz*One, Choi Yena, returns at the start of the year with his third mini-album! Entitled “GOOD MORNING”, it will be distributed from January 15, almost a year to the day after the release of the single album, “Love War”, on January 16, 2023.

The year 2023 will have been marked by two releases for Choi Yena: “Love War” as previously indicated but also “Hate XX”, on June 27. After these two releases with heavier atmospheres carried by the terms "War" and "Hate", the singer finds the light with "GOOD MORNING". Composed of four tracks including the eponymous song, which will benefit from an MV, this opus delivers a message of hope... Which proves that after the night, there is always a sunrise to warm hearts.

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