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Christmas vibes for NCT127's new single!

Two months after the release of their latest album, "Fast Check", NCT127 is getting ready for Christmas with a special single!

groupe sud coréen NCT127 comeback octobre 2023 Fast Check

Just days before Christmas, NCT127 announces the release of a special single. Carrying a warm message, this release, titled "Be There For You", will be available starting December 27th. It will feature three new songs, including the titular track, whose music video will be released on December 22nd, five days before the full release.

Two months ago, NCT127 dropped their sixth album, "Fast Check", with the title track now exceeding 43 million views on YouTube. Beyond this success, the group recently celebrated their seventh career anniversary. They began 2023 with a winter tour across the United States. Hopefully, NCT127 will consider making a stop in Europe in the coming months.

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