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cignature returns at the start of the school year with a fourth EP!

More than six months after its last release, cignature is back with the announcement of a fourth EP!

Since February 2020, cignature, C9 Entertainment's only female group, has been trying to find a place for itself in the South Korean musical universe. His first three singles and his three EPs seem to reach the fans! Witness the considerable increase in YouTube views during the comebacks: while "Nun Nu Nan Na", the group's debut single, now exceeds 4.4 million views, "AURORA", a single released on January 17 last, has already passed the 10 million mark! A success supported by the victory of the formation at the 30th edition of the HANTEO Music Awards where it won the Blooming Star Award... Understand the Award of the star in the process of hatching!

Today, strong of its successes, the seven members return with the announcement of their next comeback! This will be on August 29 with the release of a fourth EP, "Us in the Summer". For the moment, there is no more information except for a first teaser photo on which we can discover cignature in schoolgirl outfit under summer weather... Unlike the promotional photos and the universe of "AURORA", more snowy, released last January.

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