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coldrain is making its comeback in France!

After the release of his new single, coldrain announces a world tour for the new year.

groupe japonais coldrain

coldrain is no longer a band to present since they have been occupying the Japanese metalcore scene since 2007! The five members are well known to fans of the genre as well as fans of anime since the group is at the origin of the title "MAYDAY", featuring Ryo from Cristal Lake, opening of season 2 of "FireForce".

After sixteen years of career in the year 2023, coldrain released his latest single “NEW DAWN” in August. Now in November, the quintet announces its big return to our French stages.

Indeed, it is on March 6, 2024 that the group returns to perform in Paris in the O' Sullivans Backstage by the Mill room, located near the famous Moulin Rouge. His last appearance on one of our stages dates back to June 2019, shortly before the health crisis. This new European tour marks the return of coldrain to our stages. Tickets are already on sale at the single price of €29.00.

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