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Comeback announced for Kep1er!

After many months of waiting for fans, the group Kep1er announces its return.

groupe féminin sud coréen Kep1er

Girl group formed in the year 2021 following Mnet's Girls Planet 999 show, Kep1er is made up of nine young women and officially debuted on January 3, 2022 with a first mini album, "First Impact". A very well chosen title because the formation will arrive immediately and has captured the hearts of the fans. With several opuses already to his credit including “Lovestruck!” which was released on April 10, Kep1er has just announced the release of a new mini-album.

Indeed, entitled “Magic Hour”, its release is scheduled for September 25. You can already prepare for it because the first promotional photos as well as the promotion schedule are available on Kep1er's official Instagram. Memorize the dates of September 20 when a medley will be revealed to you as well as September 21 and 22 for the teasers.

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