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CRAVITY announces a sixth mini-album!

Still on tour for the promotion of "MASTER PIECE", CRAVITY announces the release of its successor!

Proof of the group's desire to stand out on the music scene, the multiplication of CRAVITY's activities nevertheless raises a few questions, in particular that of time. Indeed, since last March and the release of "MASTER PIECE", his fifth mini-album, CRAVITY has been in the midst of a promotional campaign. Present at Music Bank Paris on April 8, the nine artists then continued with the first dates of their first world tour, "CRAVITY THE 1ST WORLD TOUR <MASTER PIECE>". Seoul for the South Korean dates, Osaka and Yokohama for the Japanese then six dates in America.

A busy schedule but not finished since this world tour concludes with Asian dates, the penultimate of which, in Manila, has just taken place on August 5th. Meanwhile, CRAVITY traveled to Madrid (Spain) for a performance at K-Pop Lux on July 22. In the next few days, he will return to America for the KAMPFEST CDMX on August 20 in Mexico City, before heading to New York for the KRAZY K-Pop Super Concert on the 26th. CRAVITY will end its world tour on October 28 in Bangkok, time to promote his new opus!

Indeed, the Starship Entertainment group will release their sixth mini-album on September 11, six months after “MASTER PIECE”. Entitled "SUN SEEKER", there is, to date, no information revealed. However, the track "Ready Set Go" may be included. This title has just been revealed to the public since it is one of the OSTs of season 2 of the drama “Demon Catchers” broadcast on Netflix this summer.

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