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CRAVITY announces its comeback with a seventh mini album!

Last November, “MÉGAPHONE”, CRAVITY’s sixth mini album, was released! A few months later, the group returns with a new opus.

Groupe sud coréen CRAVITY

Formed in 2020, the group CRAVITY consists of nine members and begins with the title "Break all the rules". The same year released the band's first mini album entitled "Hideout: Remember Who We Are" which placed first on the Gaon Music Chart in the first week after its release.

While the group will celebrate its four-year career in a few months, it was already producing its sixth mini-album, “MEGAPHONE”. In its wake, CRAVITY announces its next comeback with the release of a new opus. Available from February 26, it will be called “EVERSHINE”.

You can already find the individual photo concepts as well as the promotional schedule including a first teaser which will be revealed on February 20.

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