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D'espairsRay announces its big comeback!

After many years of inactivity, the mythical group of Visual-Kei, D'espairsRay, announces its big comeback!

Any fan of Visual-Kei knows the mythical group that is D'espairsRay which does not lose popularity despite its many years of inactivity. The last release dates back to 2011 and since then, the group only reformed in 2014 during a concert. And member Tsukasa was launching his solo career as the vocalist of Enka.

It is after a 12-year break that D'espairsRay finally announces its comeback. Indeed, it was on its official Facebook page that the announcement was made: the band will perform during the live concert "DEVIL's PARTY #3" this Sunday, July 9, Japanese time. The formation will also share the stage with the group Luv Parade, but also Moi Dix Mois, H.U.G and NoGoD! All that remains is to wait until the release of a new opus!

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