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DAESUNG (BIGBANG) announces a comeback for this spring.

While a special single was released on December 18, DAESUNG has just announced a new opus!

chanteur sud coréen DAESUNG

It was in 2006 that DAESUNG made his debut in the legendary group BIGBANG, also with the release of his very first solo song "Try Smiling" which will be present on the group's third single.

In 2009, while the band was on hiatus, DAESUNG released its second solo opus "Big Hit". Then, in 2011, he put his activities on hiatus following his involvement in a serious car accident, until 2012.

While at the end of 2022, after 16 years, he will leave the YG Entertainment agency like all the members, he will release a special single entitled "Flow" at the end of 2023. A few months later, DAESUNG announces his new comeback. Indeed, on March 5 his new opus will be released, entitled “Falling Slowly” of which you can also discover the two teasers below:

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