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“DEMIGOD”, the sixth digital single from ICHILLIN’ announced!

After the release of the group's second mini album, "I'M ON IT", last July, ICHILLIN' announces a new digital single.

groupe sud coréen ICHILLIN'

Made up of seven members, ICHILLIN' debuted in 2021 with a first digital single, "Got'Ya". In the year 2022, member Sohee leaves the group and will be replaced a few months later by Jiyoon. Since its beginnings, the group has released a series of releases including its second mini album "I'M ON IT", released last July as well as its fifth digital single, "Bite Me".

It's only been a few weeks since this new opus was available and ICHILLIN' announces the release of "DEMIGOD". Scheduled for February 5, just one month after “Bite Me”, it will be the band’s sixth digital single. You can already find the promotional program represented as a Monopoly mat. Note also the presence of a box representing an airplane accompanied by the words "Word" and "Travel". A future world tour on the horizon?

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