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DIAURA announces a single and a Live DVD!

After closing the "LIMITLESS FALL" tour, DIAURA announces the release of both a new single and a Live DVD.

groupe japonais DIAURA

DIAURA is no longer a group to present if you are fans of Visual Kei! The band began in 2010 in Tokyo, but it was only two years later that their first album, “Genesis”, was released. This opus was critically acclaimed by music writer John D. Buchanan, who gave it four stars and called it "one of the best VK debuts I've ever seen." Today, DIAURA has been performing under its own label, NDG, for five years now.

During 2023 the quartet toured numerous Japanese venues during their tour, “LIMITLESS FALL”. At the same time, DIAURA released its 22nd single, “COLD SLEEP”. The tour officially ended on December 23, allowing the band to prepare their next releases!

Indeed, on February 14, a new Live DVD entitled “Gumin no Hi 2023” will be released. It will contain the concert given on September 3 at Zepp Haneda. Furthermore, DIAURA will release its 23rd single on April 3. Entitled “Venomy”, it will contain two tracks: the eponymous piece as well as “Drastic Dive”.

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