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DKB is relaunching with its seventh mini-album!

After going from nine to eight members at the start of the month, the group DKB is bouncing back and moving forward with its seventh mini-album!

groupe sud coréen DKB

A few months after the success of its sixth mini-album, "I Need Love", released on June 14 and reissued two months later under the name "We Love You", the group DKB returns with its seventh mini-album!

This new opus, entitled "HIP", will be officially released on November 30. It consists of five new tracks: "Ghost Ridah", the title track "What The Hell", "겁이나 (Me, Me & You)", "Slush", and "쏘아올려 (Fireworks)". A teaser of the main song was also released a few days ago.

This release comes in a difficult context for DKB! In fact, the training which started with nine members in 2020 has only had eight members for a few weeks. TEO having left the group following his involvement in a car accident where he was intoxicated. With this opus, DKB proves its determination to move forward and continue to unite its fans!

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