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DREAMCATCHER makes the Zenith of Paris dream!

Contrary to its dark and nightmarish concept, the group DREAMCATCHER will have made their Parisian concert a waking dream for all the fans present that evening.

By definition, a dream catcher captures bad dreams to offer a sweet night to its holder. Far from preserving us from it, DREAMCATCHER plunges us into the depths of this object, traversing nightmares and bad memories through tracks mixing a danceable pop base, with hard-hitting rap-lines, all against a background of rock sounds. A paradox supported by members with angelic visuals...

Building on their success, the seven members of DREAMCATCHER embarked on their second European tour this fall, with a final concert in Paris on November 24th. Our team was there. So: night of horror or unforgettable dream?

If there's one thing to remember about concerts organized by MyMusicTaste, it's that they rarely start late! It is at 7:30 p.m., as announced, that the lights go out in a Zénith de Paris displaying full in its median configuration. Nearly 3,500 people made the trip to applaud DREAMCATCHER who arrives on stage on the first notes of “VISION”. The main song of “APOCALYPSE: FOLLOW US” released last October makes everyone agree! The tone is set: the song sounds like a rallying cry, a source of motivation to start this concert in the best possible way. The public did not ask for more, taking up the chorus in chorus sometimes covering the members themselves! The electric guitar of “MAISON” then resonates as a first clue to the main quality of DREAMCATCHER: its musical diversity! The famous “Please, someone fight for us” finds an echo in the chorus of fans who continue to accompany the singers, rewarded by their first interactions with Da Mi during her hard-hitting rap. Effective and mastered, the choreography leaves no doubt: these are real performers that we have in front of us!

After these very energetic first minutes, the formation grants itself a first MC: the time of greetings and memories of the first concert of DREAMCATCHER in France, in 2018. The perfect sequence for “BEcause”, from the EP “Summer Holiday ” released in July 2021. Lighter, the song is catchy and creates a bubble of air in a hitherto apocalyptic atmosphere. The words, perfectly known to the audience, are repeated in chorus as a declaration of love warmly welcomed by the septet. We continue to go back in time with “Red Sun”, produced in 2020. In a more lascivious rhythm, the public is drawn into a gentle dystopia in which they willingly sink. Slower, the melody resonates like a waking dream of which we are spectators. New break and new moment of exchange and complicity with the members.

Rainy Day” continues the slowdown started, transporting us on a walk in the rain. Driven by a common feeling, the fans turn on the flashlights of their smartphones. A thousand and one lights cross the blue spotlights like multiple stars illuminating the horizon. New return to the past with “Jazz Bar”. Delicate mix between hip-hop and jazzy atmosphere, the track revives the evening on a more lively note, without neglecting this somewhat lascivious rhythm in which we bask. The piece is perfect for the complicit exchanges between the stage and the public. The jazzy atmosphere gives way to a more electro melody with the first notes of “Poison Love”. The bass resonates and like a poison that interferes, vibrates the Parisian room and transforms it into a nightclub while the pit is taken to wiggle.

New MC of a few minutes during which anecdotes of tours are told. The tone is light and contrasts with the first notes of “Odd Eye”, still in the “Dystopia” series. We find this heavy and apocalyptic atmosphere of the early evening. The basses resonate, echoing the choreography of the young women as their singing is drowned out by that of the audience. The transition with “Scream” is perfect! The rock sounds settle in and the verse “I wanna you to scream” sounds obvious! The exchanges with the audience are numerous and bring a touch of freedom which is to the credit of the group. The members leave the choice to interact and take possession of the entire scene.

Time passes quickly and the fans do not hide their surprise to discover that half of the evening has already passed! But they quickly recover as the seven members each present a few seconds of their respective solo tracks from the opus “Apocalypse: Save Us”. The order of passage is drawn by lot, reinforcing the feeling of freedom that hovers over the evening. The girls lend themselves to the game, revealing themselves in the detour of “No Dot”, by Su A, in more subjective choreographies. After these few minutes out of time, the rock tempo returns, more assertive than at the start of the evening. “Break the Wall” brings the audience together and unifies as DREAMCATCHER unveils a seductive rock’n’roll side. Timid headbangs arise as the electric guitar blends with Da Mi's rap. New change of rhythm with "Locked Inside a Door" which revives a danceable pop atmosphere which encourages some fans of the pit to initiate a few dance steps. An initiative reinforced by “Silent Night” and its electro-pop sounds that transport the Zénith de Paris into a nightclub.

Another break, time to catch your breath and get ready for the home stretch of the evening. A festive atmosphere, punctuated by the pop-rock sounds of “Wind Blows” sets in, the lightsticks move. Like an endless race, “BOCA” goes on! A certain slowness is created very quickly erased by the chorus and the electric guitar which comes back in force. Nobody believes it and yet the group announces the last two songs! The revelation sounds like a coup de grace which, far from saddening the audience, pushes them to give everything to end in apotheosis!

Fairytale” and “Starlight” follow one another, allowing the group to multiply the exchanges with its public. A happy ending worthy of the most famous fairy tales as a silent promise is concluded: that of a next tour! The darkness takes back its rights on a Zenith which does not want the evening to end and which recalls DREAMCATCHER with “Encore”. The strategy is successful as the seven members return to the stage, wearing the products from the merch. Three new songs will end this evening on a positive note: “Some Love”, “Over the Sky” and “New Days”.

If we had to define this evening with one word, it would be “Diversity”! Far from being a “classic” k-pop group, DREAMCATCHER shines with its nightmarish style, catchy songs and diverse sounds. From danceable pop, to electro while appropriating rock sounds, the septet brings it all together to create hard-hitting and heady tracks. The personalities of each of the members are all additional assets that make the authenticity of their universe. It was in front of a Trianon of 1,500 people that they performed four years ago... In front of nearly 3,500 people at the end of the year... We can only hope that this audience doubles again at the next tour!


Because a concert is a symbiosis between the artist and his audience, we have chosen to put you in the spotlight by sharing two testimonials from Insomnias.

Testimony of @hyeonieyoo : "I was in the gold pit! I participated in the numbering and it was my first time so I was quite stressed but I really had a good surprise! The fanbase had prepared everything well. Whether it was in the morning with the distribution of the bracelets or the afternoon with the lines, I found that they managed really well !! Apart from one person, I did not see anyone trying to scratch a place, all the everyone was quite disciplined and respected the numbering. As for the concert itself, it was just awesome! This is purely my experience but on my side no one was pushing. There were even spaces between the fans which allowed air to circulate. No one tried to pass, nothing to complain about! And the girls were amazing! They gave their all, interacted a lot with the pit and even the bleachers, took up all the space so that no part of the room felt neglected! We felt that they were happy to be there and grateful to be in front of us... Like us to be in front of them! They looked us in the eye, it was really too much fun <3 Even Siyeon who said she wasn't on top didn't show anything and gave everything to the end And Hi-wave the same, they all took the time to look us in the eye, to respond to our signs! If I had to do it again, I wouldn't hesitate for a second!"
Testimony of Sylvie :
On November 24, I experienced one of the most beautiful concerts of my life: that of DREAMCATCHER ♥️ It is thanks to my 17-year-old daughter, the first to become an Insomnia, that I got to know them. My two daughters were of course present that evening. After a chaotic start: I missed the start of the concert due to poor organization at the Zenith. The frustration was there because I couldn't see the performances of "VISION" and "MAISON"😢. A usher finally accompanies me to my seat. Here I am, ready to live the great adventure 🥰. Tears flow because I realize that my 7 princesses (nickname I give them 😉) are present on stage in front of me and it's very real. I scream, stamp my feet with all and all the Insomnias. A screen scrolls behind the girls with images and song titles. I'm up dancing and singing with the whole room. I clap so much that my hands are starting to hurt 😁. Dreamcatcher are 7 girls brimming with dynamism. They send us joy, good humor and laughter while remaining professional at the same time 🥰. Sua doesn't hold up, a real electric battery 🤣🤣. You have to have your eyes everywhere on stage so as not to miss the slightest actions and gestures of the members. I love it when we send each other hearts ♥️. The concert passed so but so quickly! I would have loved to stay with the members for hours! They made us forget all our worries ☺️. I want to relive this magical moment as soon as possible 🙏. I hope in 2023🤞. My conclusion: no need to have a scene with fireworks at all costs, when you have 7 princesses who shine on stage ♥️♥️ and who make this scene shine ♥️

Setlist :

VISION - MAISON - BEcause - Red Sun - Rainy Day - Jazz Bar - Poison Love - Odd Eye - Scream - Solos Part (Cherry - Winter - Entrancing - Beauty Full - Playground - No Dot - For) - Break the Wall - Locked Inside a Door - Silent Night - Wind Blows - BOCA - Fairytale - Starlight - Some Love - Over the sky - New Days

Our whole team wanted to thank MyMusicTaste as well as DREAMCATCHER for the invitation.

Redaction : Cyrielle PONS

(c) Pictures : Gaëlle PONS for KARAOME - Dreamcatcher Compagny

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